People’s Action–a new national network of over 50 grassroots power-building organizations in 29 states–held its founding convention in Washington, DC. The event brought over 1000 activists from across the network including Progressive Maryland members and staff.

The convention marked 100 days of resistance to the Trump agenda with a theme of moving from protest to power.

It included stories from seasoned activists and trainings on direct action.

The highlight of the event was hearing candidates from the movement talk about their motivations to run for elected office–and in many cases win–against establishment politicians for the benefit of their communities.

Over 72 people in attendance (and another 400 across the People’s Action network) were recognized as movement candidates for the 2018 election cycle and pledged to uphold a people and planet-first agenda.


Candidates were joined on stage by Sen. Bernie Sanders who declared:

This is what the revolution looks like.
You are what the revolution looks like!


The Rise Up convention is just the start. Activists closed out the event with a protest at the White House and occupation of the Heritage Foundation–the group responsible for the draconian Trump budget–to demand a budget for the people.



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